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1. All Members of the TOP100 Master Trades Register undergo the strictest vetting within the Industry which considers Technical Competency, Business Competency and of paramount importance, Consumer Care and After Sales Service. We expect the highest standards in all disciplines. The TOP100 Master Trades members must put consumers first.
2. The unique Consumer Charter which is enclosed to the centre of this leaflet gives a clear indication as to what standards of workmanship, professionalism, integrity and respect you will receive from your local TOP100 Master Trades member.
3. All TOP100 Master Trades members will give clear, concise advice, and an easily understood and clearly set out estimate of the works to be carried out, and the price of those works.
4. All TOP100 Master Trades members undergo a ongoing programme of continual professional development (CPD) including elements of health and safety, technical advancements and customer care standards.
5. All TOP100 Master Trades members must carry Public and Employers Liability Insurance, copies of these policies must be available to consumers upon request.
6. All TOP100 Master Trades members must adhere to the ‘tidy site campaign’ whereby the consumers property must be protected from debris, both internally and externally and the site must be kept clean, tidy and safe at all times and at the end of each working day.
7. All TOP100 Master Trades members must carry their coded Identification Card at all times for presentation to the consumer upon request.
8. All TOP100 Master Trades members are provided with bespoke work wear which clearly shows their TOP100 Registration and the name of the member company. All members are encouraged to wear these garments when attending the consumers property.
9. In the unlikely event of a dispute between the consumer and the Master Trades member, a free Mediation service and Dispute resolution service is provided by the TOP100 Trades Register. These mediations are carried out by Mr D Waterworth BSc (Hons) FBEng MEWI. Expert Witness / Building Surveyor / Building Engineer, with experience of over 1,000 disputed matters. The TOP 100 Master Trades member gives an undertaking that the Mediator’s findings will be final and will not be brought into question.
10. All TOP 100 Master Trades members, give an undertaking that they will provide a polite, reliable and professional service and will place the wellbeing of the consumer and the consumers property at the forefront of their work ethic throughout all of the transaction.

Each and every day throughout the UK, thousands of consumers face the unenviable task of choosing a trades person/company to carry out work at their property.

Choosing the wrong trades person/company could result in a nightmare for the consumer with a property being damaged, the consumer being out of pocket and litigation ensuing, that is if the builder has not 'scarpered'.

As Private Practice Building Surveyors, under our parent company, Hanley Amos Stewart, Building Surveyors, every week we carry out 3-5 Expert Reports on defective building works and each and every week we meet distraught and disillusioned consumers who quite often ask us, "why are trades people unregulated and why is there not a register of reputable companies?"

And for many years there has been no answer to the consumers plea, until now, and now the answer is - Choose a TOP 100 Trades Members.

We are strict, very strict.

It is true, something must be done to protect and advertise the consumer. And that something is the TOP 100 Trades Register.

The sole purpose of forming the TOP 100 Trades Register in the first place, was to advise and protect the consumer.
You and your home deserves the best.

The TOP 100 Trades members are the best in the UK.
You will receive quality, reliability and professionalism… as you should!